Sergio de Araujo

Realtor/ Associate

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Serge enjoyed 40 years in the Wealth Management sector working all over the world with many prominent firms including Citicorp, The Boston Company and BNP Paribas S.A. In 1988, he joined the United States Trust Company of New York where he worked as the Managing Director responsible for the firm’s investment services in the South East region.

Serge’s extensive international and investment experiences brought him to the real estate sector in 2015. A background in senior management both domestically and abroad, along with his Brazilian heritage has served to enhance Serge’s ability to relate to and work with a variety of potential clients. His experience in real estate continues to be fostered by referrals from family, friends and former colleagues.

Serge and his wife moved to Palm Beach in 1987 from Connecticut, wanting to escape the Northeastern winters and commute to Manhattan for work. The
uniqueness of Palm Beach was appealing because of its sense of community and beauty. Shifting to real estate in retirement has allowed him to speak with experience to potential buyers about the attributes of Palm Beach and its desirability, especially for either first home buyers or those looking for second homes.

In addition to his real estate work, Serge has expanded some hobbies and encouraged new ones – a new one being photography to which he is committed to developing his skills; his enduring love of Porsche cars has grown into a love of long bi-coastal road trips; and, most recently, a brand new hobby….ballroom dancing.

Serge is a graduate of Gettysburg College and is a former member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society and the Financial Analyst Society of South Florida. He is a member of the Palm Beach Civic Association and was the former Chairman of the Rosarian Academy Charitable Trust Board where he continues as an active member and also serves on the Rosarian Financial Aid Committee. Additionally, Serge is a former trustee of the Town of Palm Beach Firefighters Board of Trustees of their Pension Fund, and currently is a Senior Consultant to Evercore Wealth Management’s West Palm Beach office.